soy candles

Hand-poured in vintage and unique ceramics and glassware in Nelson, BC.

how to order

Choose a vibe for your vessel: Modern, Vintage, or Kitschy!

Pick a scent from one of our seven fragrance blends.

Take it home: pick up your candles downtown or pay a small fee for delivery.

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scent descriptions

The BOB: (Mandarin Orange & Sweet Plums)

Bright and refreshing - like a big, orange bridge! With its mandarin orange core and a sprinkling of sweet plums, the BOB is sure to lift your mood and elevate your senses. 

Baker Street Drip: (Oatmeal & Warm Vanilla Sugar)

Bring home that warm feeling of familiar faces and local spaces. An inviting mix of oatmeal and warm vanilla sugar, this candle is as comfy as a stroll down Baker Street. Come as you are. 

Buddy's Stress Relief: (Lavender, Bergamot, & Atlas Cedarwood)

Breathe deep. Hold it for 3-2-1. Breathe out. Drop your shoulders. Give your forehead a massage. Light up some candle therapy as the scent of cedarwood grounds you and the lavender breeze calms your mind.

Gyro Park Lookout: (Black Pine & Lily of the Valley)

Perched on a rocky outcrop in a forested park, towering above the center of town. A breeze sparks the scent of citrusy pine and blooming lilies, a fragrant blend that has inhabited this spot for thousands of years.

DQ Summer: (Almond, Cinnamon Sugar, & Buttered Vanilla)

Sweet memories of summer traditions. This candle won’t melt as fast as a vanilla ice cream cone in each fist on the walk back to Lakeside Park. Though it may have an irresistibly delectable scent, don’t turn it upside down and definitely don’t put it in your mouth!

Jam Factory Lane: (Sweet Berry Tea & Cotton Candy)

A juicy mix of berries and candy, this sweet scent was inspired by one of over 200 registered heritage sites in the city of Nelson: the purpose-built MacDonald Jam Factory boasts two-feet-thick granite walls that have also served as retaining walls for Vernon Street since its construction in 1911. 

Kootenay Champagne: (Baby Powder)

When the lifts close and the sun goes down, aprés-ski by candlelight with this fresh and clean scent that’s sure to complement your day on the powdery trash side of the mountain. 

  • Pick it up

    Free, no contact pick up

    in downtown Nelson

  • Delivery

    $5 within Nelson /

    $10 surrounding area

  • Note on Shipping

    Email for shipping requests