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Kitschy Vibe

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Scent Descriptions:

The BOB Mandarin Orange & Sweet Plums

Baker Street DripOatmeal & Warm Vanilla Sugar

Buddy's Stress ReliefLavender, Bergamot, & Atlas Cedarwood

Gyro Park LookoutBlack Pine & Lily of the Valley

DQ SummerAlmond, Cinnamon Sugar, & Buttered Vanilla

Jam Factory LaneSweet Berry Tea & Cotton Candy

Kootenay ChampagneBaby Powder


Sizes Based on Ounces of Wax:

XS: 0.5-1.5 oz (tealight, small shot glass)

S: 2-4 oz (espresso cup, large shot glass)

M: 5-7 oz (punch cup, small mug)

L: 8-10 oz (regular to large mug)

Specialty: 10+ oz (multi-wick) or rare vessel


Note: Photos feature the vibe, not the exact candle you are purchasing. The candle you receive will be hand-poured in a unique ceramic or glass vessel.



metal tin, matches

Care information

1. Trim the wick, every time.

2. When you light your candle, let the wax burn across the whole surface. If more than half of your vessel is liquid wax, extinguish your candle and allow the wax to re-harden before lighting again.

3. Don't burn your candle underneath anything - keep your vessel on a solid surface, with ample space all around it.